1. ChasenSFO

    AT-SA exam gouge(what to expect/how to prepare)

    Ahoy, I took the test(after 5 years of rejection from the public announcements due to Biographical Questionnaire failures) on 10/12/17. As far as I know, I was in the second group to take the AT-SA(which was previously the AT-SAT). There aren't too many gouges out there, so I will share my...
  2. manniax

    ATC weather briefing videos

    Someone at work pointed this out, I didn't know they existed. A helpful pre-shift briefing depending on what part of the country you're working. Looks like they have them for each center but not all of them appeared up to date. Just change...
  3. N

    Descending on an approach

    cleared for the approach on a published segment not doing the hold. Do I still need to follow the minimum altitude for the hold if getting vectored onto final by ATC? Example, the holding fix is ABC MIN ALT is 3500 its 7nm from the final approach fix. After you cross ABC the minimum altitude is...
  4. N

    Any KFAR controllers on here?

  5. Bigey

    Hired - On the other end of the radio!

    So I've stayed lurking since I've been so busy but I've been trying to keep up with each of your stories and recent hires/upgrades. Its amazing to see how much progress everyone has made. I figure I'd throw in my tidbit of news as well -- Starting August 22nd, I'll be in OKC for the FAA ATC...