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  1. CiscoLV21

    New to the Forum

    Hello and I am glad to have found this site. I got out of the USAF in 88' , worked afterward at Rich International and Batch Air Universal briefly and then moved back home to Marietta, Ga. This was right about the time Frank Lorenzo--Eastern and Pan Am went belly up. I was unable to find work...
  2. gcompton923

    Trying to become an air force pilot

    Hey all, I am hoping someone with experience with the whole process can tell me how good my chances are of being selected by the board. My AFOQT scores Pilot 81 Nav 86 Acad apt 70 Verbal 86 Quantities 49 My PCSM score is a 52 with 0 flight hours. I am currently in the process of applying...
  3. M

    Chances of getting an AFROTC pilot slot?

    I am a sophomore and trying to figure out how well of a chance I have at getting an a pilot slot. Here are my stats: - 3.95 accumulative GPA in Computer Science at an accredited university - AFOQT Scores: - Pilot: 39 - Navigator: 31 PFA: 99 Also, not sure what goes into the pilot slot package...
  4. A

    How does a tol freeze the age limit

    I heard that receiving a tol from the faa will freeze your age limit? So if I apply at 29 or 30, that means I can come in at 31 or 32 at most ?