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    Survey for my Aviation Management Class

    Hello, I’m currently researching problems in the aviation community. My topic is based off of the Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes. I am mostly looking for pilots who fly or work on jets or any other more automated airplanes, but if you feel knowledgable feel free to answer the questions. If you could...
  2. A

    FlightGlobal HIGH PAYING: CRJ, 320, 737, 787, 380 Pilots

    Are you a first officer fed up waiting for the PIC seat because of seniority? Are you a captain who’d like to get paid much more for what you already do? Has the regular commuter route between Phoenix and San Diego been driving you nuts? Has your dream aviator adventure turned into a droll grind...
  3. BarbieDreamPilot

    2 737s Bump at SEA

    link How'd it happen JC?! ---- ---- A Southwest Airlines jet struck another of the carrier’s aircraft at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport early Monday morning as they were being prepared to be towed to the gates to pick up passengers and crew. Nobody was hurt in the slow-moving crash...