1. Nprice

    Need Instruction/ Building Time?

    Limited Time - Dual $110 per hour (Airplane/Fuel/Instructor) in a Cessna 150. Minimum 5 hour block to be completed in a single day. We can do private or commercial work, airport hop, whatever you'd like. We'll have fun! Send a PM. Located in Columbia, SC.
  2. Vadim

    Cessna 150 $65/hr (Lets split it) Rochester, NY

    We have a Cessna 150 in Rochester, NY (KROC) for $65 an hour wet, I am a PPL with 190hrs working on SEL-Instrument/Commercial and want to build xcountry time towards commercial and ATP. [due to my job, i can only fly saturdays and sundays], id like to put atleast 10 hrs saturday and 10 hrs...