NetworkJC 2014 Frequently Asked Questions

"What is NetworkJC?"

NetworkJC is a relaxed, informal event so bring your appetite for a good time, positive attitude, plenty of business cards and feel free to pick up a ticket for your guest.


"Who are you?"

I'm Batman... :) Actually, we are a social network of aviation professionals. Pilots, Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Maintenance, Cabin Crew, Dispatchers, you name it.

"Do I really need to book a hotel?"

We would really appreciate if you would book a room under our rate code because if we don't reserve a sufficient amount of rooms, it will be "Financial Armageddon" for as we have to pay for unsold rooms out of our pocket.

For more information click here to read our missive about the importance of booking a room with our rate code.  Plus, you save a lot of money because you're helping us out.  

Book your hotel here using this link or use "SMNJC4" when calling reservations at (877) 603-4389

"Why are the rates so much higher if I don't book a room?"

Because we really need to hit our hotel booking minimums or the cost of the event for our organization rises substantially.   There is a financial incentive for you to stay at Planet Hollywood because you not only save money on your registration, you secure a great deal at the hotel and also you're helping us meet our minimum bookings.

"Are you going to audit my confirmation number to confirm that I've actually booked a room?"

Absolutely.  The hotel sends a weekly listing of how many rooms that were reserved using our rate code, who made the reservation and the status.   If you do not have a valid reservation at the hotel under our rate code, your discounted ticket will be cancelled.

We can monitor reservations and cancellations. I'm a cheap pilot, just like you, so I already know all the tricks and loopholes you would like to try in order to save $5! :)

"I would like to transfer my ticket to another attendee, how do I do this?"

Email us at with the following information:
Attendee Name
Email Address
Mobile phone number
Printed copy of the original ticket
Registration is transferrable to an alternate attendee until October 21, 2014.

"Can I bring a guest? (S)He doesn't fly."

Absolutely! Please do!  We aim to make NetworkJC an entertaining and enjoyable event for everyone. In fact, we are in the early stages of planning a "Pre-Event" meetup for guests.  It's a lot of fun, trust us.

"Do I need to bring a printed ticket?"
Yes, we'd greatly appreciate that.  Or use the Eventbrite App available on Android and iPhone.

"Is there a discounted room block available?"


"Are tickets refundable?"

I can write you ersatz note from your doctor so you can call in sick but I will not testify to its veracity.

We're sorry you can't join us for the event and our refund policy is as follows:

Refund before September 21, 2014:  100%

Refund after September 22, 2014:  50%

Refund after October 15, 2014:  0%

We still have to pay for your catering out of our pocket after September 22 :(

"Is this a career fair?"

Nope. It's a networking event but, as always, there are people that will be in attendance that are in a position to help you. We do have airline representatives that will be in attendance, but it's up to you to make contact. Work the room.

Our system works better.


"What do I get?"

Your admission includes an open bar, snacks and an opportunity to make new friends, new networking contacts and capture opportunity to move boldly forward in your career.

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    Jun 27, 2014
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