Written by Iain Holmes   
There are many forms of financial aid available to help you with your flight training. The tricky part is to know where to look. No matter where you are the first step you need to do is go to your local library and investigate what local financial aid are available. If you do not have much success there, pay a visit to the town/city council and see if they have any information on scholarships. Also, pay a visit to your bookstore, and pick up one of the books available on loans, grants and scholarships. Also in the back of various aviation publications there will be some scholarships and grants advertised.

If you know of any other scholarships or financial aid options, please feel free to email us so we can spread the word.

National Air Transportation Foundation
The National Air Transportation Foundation sponsors this single annual $2,500 scholarship for a flight trainee in a recognized aviation program. The application deadline is November 15.

Tracy Thompson
Manager, Administration
4226 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
Voice: (703) 845-9000
FAX: (703) 845-8176

Women in Aviation International (WAI)
These scholarships are available to women who pursue degrees in a wide range of aerospace, aeronautical, and aviation disciplines. Recipients will also attend the next International Women in Aviation Conference. WAI is a nonprofit organization dedicated tot he encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests.

Call: (937) 839-4647
Website: http://www.wiai.org

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Up to $5,000 is available. You can visit their web site for more information at: http://www.aopa.org

Education Credit Corporation
Up to $50,000 available. Call (800) 477 4977.

Airmen Memorial Foundation Federal Student Loan Program/Signet Bank
Educational Funding Services
PO Box 1573
Baltimore, MD 21203-1573
Tel. (800) 955-0005

Description: Three types of federally sponsored student loans are available through The Airmen memorial Foundation. These loans must be used to pay for education related expenses such as tuition, books, room and board, and other living expenses. All offer attractive interest rates and convenient repayment terms. Call their student loan processor signet bank at the number listed above, say that AMF referred you, and ask for a free student loan application kit.

Knights Templar Special Low Interest Loans
Knights Templar Education Foundation
Contact: Paul Rodenhauser
5096 W. Elston Ave. #A101
Chicago, IL 60630

Description: Loan program provides financial assistance for vocation, technical, or professional training and for junior-senior undergraduates and graduate students. Loan interest rate is 5% and must be repaid within four years after graduation. Award(s) & Amount(s): $3,000

Financial Aid:
Veterans Administration (VA)
– For those of you eligible to utilize VA benefits you must ensure that the school of your choice is VA approved, FAA Part 141 approved and approved by the State as well. You will find that you will be eligible to receive reimbursements of up to 60% of flight training costs for most certificates and ratings (but not the Private Pilot’s Certificate).

States Higher Education Agency – If you contact the agency they will give you information on State assistance. You may wish to call the Federal Student Aid Information Center on (800) 433-3243